Lineage Logistics

We acquired our first frozen food warehouse in December 2008 in the heart of the financial crisis. Since then, we have made a total of 28 acquisitions to create the second largest cold storage company globally. The companies that form Lineage were built by entrepreneurs and families over decades and generations. In most cases, the owners of these companies have rolled equity into Lineage and continue to be active in the business as advisors and mentors.

Today, Lineage operates over 140 facilities in 24 states and 4 countries with over 7,000 dedicated employees. Lineage serves customers across the food and perishable industries from Fortune 500 companies to growing regional food producers. The company handles and stores an assortment of products while also acting as a distribution partner for some of the largest and fastest growing food retailers. Lineage's transportation division provides integrated transportation solutions to solve some of the country's most complicated supply chains. Lineage is also active in other value-added areas of the temperature-controlled supply chain. 

Since 2008, we have honed this process of buy and build with the exceptional team at Lineage and by focusing on incremental improvements that benefit our customers, culture and systems. Today, Lineage is continuing to explore new acquisitions while increasing its domestic facility footprint through organic expansions. As a result of several new hires and investments, Lineage is also developing a broader suite of logistics services to deliver more solutions to customers. 

We believe we are only in the early innings of an opportunity to build the leading temperature-controlled logistics company globally. We are attracting incredible talent to the company and implementing systems that we believe will allow Lineage to operate differently and better. Opportunities abound to connect ever-greater lengths of the supply chain and support growing demand for perishable products domestically and abroad.  

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